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Jo joins with Steph Williams to bring you a weekly podcast talking about life and leadership. Subscribe on iTunes or tune in at


The Lead Stories Podcast co-hosted by Jo and Pastor Steph O’Brien, is a weekly conversation on leadership and life. Jo and Steph ( and their special guests) explore the challenges and opportunities around leadership with honesty and transparency, encouraging their audience to step into their God given influence with courage and intentionality. Available from wherever you get your podcasts. Subscribe now!

Recent Episodes

The Leader Behind The Scenes

The Leader Behind the Scenes

We lead from the inside out, so whilst we’re developing our goals and strategic plans and running into to vision, its absolutely vital we pay ongoing attention to who and what shapes who we are on the inside. Yet amid the busy demands of leadership its all to easy to overlook our interior life. Are you willing to revisit the leader you are behind the scenes?

Starts Season 1 episode 44

Lead On

Lead On

The series that equips you to step into the fray and keep moving when everything around you is telling you to stop and give up. The series turned into a season looking at everything from conquering Impostor Syndrome, giving and receiving feedback, and interviews with leaders in all walks of life.

Starts Season 3 episode 03

Breaking The Mold

Breaking The Mold

What does it mean to break the mold as a leader – is it a good thing? How do molds limit and hold us back from realizing our leadership potential. And if breaking the mold is an inevitable part of leadership, how can we do so with awareness and integrity?

Starts Season 4 episode 04



We asked the Lead Stories audience what societal stigmas they wanted us to explore. They responded:

  • Strong women
  • Mental illness
  • Race

Starts Season 2 episode 26

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