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So you want to write? Here’s help – and Hope*

Writing is a long time love of mine. 

I kept a journal as a child as a way of expressing how I felt, documenting my days and putting my feelings there. I wrote stories to create worlds where my imagination could run and play. I loved writing because my little local library was a gateway for a big wide world that I was determined to explore. Novels. Feature articles. Poetry. Novellas. Plays. Songs. I loved  and devoured them all. And in response tried to write my own. Back then, writing didn’t feel like a discipline, or school work. It certainly didn’t feel like a calling. It was love, and part of me. I couldn’t help myself and didn’t want to.

I grew up and got busy. I didn’t have to imagine new worlds, I was learning how to function in the one I lived in. Jobs, bills, career moves , relationships. Occasionally ideas and stories floated around in my head inviting me into a creative adventure but I rarely did anything with them. Busyness and distraction pushed them away.

 It was years  before I wrote again and my landscape was completely different. A new country and a mom of preschoolers, serving in churches.  I blogged for fun and to connect with friends across the Atlantic. I researched and ghost wrote for others for a while. Eventually I wrote my own books, this time turning to questions about faith., women in leadership, identity and purpose  and lessons I’m learning along the way. 

Right now I’m in the editing stages of another. Why does every time feel like the first time. Always thrilling, always challenging. Sometimes it feels  like piercing my eyeballs and I wonder why I started! But I carry on, because these feelings show up every time, and I’ve learned they are a part of the process. I recognize the tension the frustration of unpacking jumbled thoughts and feelings, the search for the story, the swings between imposter syndrome and vanity. I wrestle, I rumble and I carry on. I stock up on popcorn and herbal tea. I listen to Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue on repeat because it’s the only music I can listen to whilst writing and I need the sounds. (I tried Beyoncé. I started dancing. I had a great time and was hugely inspired but I was done with writing for the day)  I’m an extrovert and I recharge and get energy from other people, but there are certain writing stages that need me to commit to being alone. I prepare myself to  push through the loneliness until the work is done

I often meet people who want to write, who should write, whose emails are teeming with creative ideas and powerful stories. I meet people who have crafted great resources and want to know what to do with the work they’ve so lovingly, sacrificially created. Writing is one thing, but the business of publishing – well that’s another thing entirely. In truth, I’m not the best person to ask because I’ve only got my own experience to share from, and not the bigger picture. But … I’ve discovered someone who could be a great resource for you. And it’s the kind of resource, coaching and community that I wish I’d had all those years ago when stories began to grab my heart, or when blogging first piqued my interest. It’s the kind of community I needed as I navigated busy life stages, the kind of brain trust that helps you seriously think through the professional side of your creative path.

Meet hope*writers – founded by Emily P Freeman, Brian Dixon and Gary Morland:

What is hope*writers?

A community of working writers dedicated to the success and creativity of each member. We offer live weekly training, an engaged community, and an online library filled with writing + publishing resources.

Training and investment to move you further along on your path!

The community opens only a few times a year and the next window opens on May 21st – 24th 

Here are some free resources to help you consider if it’s a fit for you:

Check out hope*writers Writer Path Quiz – here:


Newbie’s Publishing Guide PDF


Expert Answers to 20 Questions Writers Ask PDF

There’s even an online webinar masterclass you can register for: 

“How to be a working writer without losing your mind.”
Emily will help you learn what it means to be a working writer without
selling your soul, crazy self-promoting, or becoming a cartoon –
things that cause writers to lose their minds.

And finally 

when you’re ready for the next step

Sign up to join the May hope*writers community here:

Don’t wait forever – we need your words, your stories and your perspective!

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