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If you want to go far… Come and join us!

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If you want to go fast, go alone

If you want to go far, go together.

– African Proverb

Its that well worn proverb again, I share it all the time. I use it probably over use it a lot, but I’m happy to because I think its stood the tests of time and travelled across and through cultures for a reason.

We are designed for community, to know and be known, to do life with others, to grow together, heal together, learn together – and yes, go far together.

And yet leadership (in all walks of life) can often be so incredibly lonely.

There are countless reasons why. Sometimes we’re driven into our silos by our very efficient, overstuffed schedules that commit us to doing and leave no time for being. Sometimes we’re so shaped by competing and comparing that the very thought of friendship is so threatening that we’ve forgotten how to forge them now. Or we’re simply too bruised to trust; we had colleagues who became friends, whom we loved like family, until…

Our isolation in leadership comes at a price. No one has our back, no one to encourage us, to warn us, to process with. No one to share the victories and to stand with us in the battles. No one to slow us down… No one to share the fun!

When Steph and me began the Lead Stories podcast, we had no idea what to expect. In a matter of a few short weeks we discovered you, amazing leaders who  are serving, shaping, culture shifting, working, living and seeking to impact your world, salt and light style. Seeking to live like Jesus. Longing to be faithful to who God’s made you to be, wanting to put your gifts and talents to good use, bring your dreams into day light. The podcast was only the beginning.

We wanted to keep investing in you, and serving you and cheering you on in tangible ways, get closer somehow. We also wanted to introduce you to one another, give you the chance to connect and who knows how far it could take us. So with that in mind

Today we’ve launched

Lead Stories Community – An online gathering space for people of influence… like YOU. With more resources, more investment, more podcasts. More connections with like minded leaders.

Our hope is that it serves to continue to equip and empower you to run into all that God has got for you. Head over to the Lead Stories website to find out more,  and join our community!

We look forward to seeing you there!

Much love, Jo (and Steph)



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