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On my Instagram account the other day I noted that the neighborhood trees are declaring pretty passionately that Spring is here. Its stunning and audacious and fresh.

Then I mentioned that on a personal level life has brought a new season too. After a full on speaking schedule its time for rest and reflection and abiding, and then a transition into a writing sabbatical.

I can feel its time to embrace a new season. New rhythms, new practices, new patterns.


Here’s the other thing I’m noticing about Spring: WEEDS.

I didn’t see them before, growing under the snow, growing and strengthening in the April showers. And from a distance they just look like pretty flowers. A closer look and I realize that unless I act and soon (and in real life on this one when I say I – it won’t actually be me because, allergies), they will threaten our landscape; choke the new life growing here. Those things are relentless.


A new season, Spring is a beautiful thing. Bold and blooming. Still it’s important to attend to the things that have stealthily, surreptitiously worked their way into our gardens, wormed their way into our season. Perhaps not everything from our previous season was great, maybe none of it was. Perhaps we picked up a few unhealthy habits. Habits that didn’t start out as such, they were just what got us through a particular week, day, hour. Its just that it feels like we need them now… they’re part of our landscape. Habits like binging on food & drink, overspending, a short fuse, hot temper or cold words, a tendency to gossip or drag ourselves down with the negative self speak. They began quietly, occasionally.They were watered by hurts and hassles and testing circumstances. They grew and they took root. And now they are here.


Or maybe we can remember the things we neglected/ didn’t have in our last season. Good soul care, rest, sleep, days off, time with our [people, prayer, bible, worship. And now a new season is here and your heart and mind feel just a little… threadbare.

However they got there, weeds don’t seem to just disappear. They have to be evicted. They have to be treated, pulled out. And because they’re relentless, you have to care for your lawn so that it’s hard for weeds to take up residence in there again. It’s a constant work.

And so back to Spring and a change of season. New, bold and blooming. When you look around – is there anything else you see that on your landscape?


Is there anything that needs treating, uprooting in our hearts, our habits or our relationships?

Is there any area of our lives that needs attention and some tender loving care?


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