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The Passion behind our Podcast

A few weeOurpodks ago, my friend Steph Williams and me launched our podcast Lead Stories: Tales of leadership and life. The idea and opportunity came together unexpectedly quickly for both of us and its been fun to prep and plan .Showbox for Windows PC Podcasting also means talking lots which Steph and I find very easy to do! We’ve been talking to each other about the grit and the grace of life and leadership for a few years now. This podcast is a vehicle for the prayers and passions that we’ve both carried for a long time. Steph shared her heart for this podcast on her blog. So I figured it was time to share mine.

When I’m speaking at conferences and events I get to meet lots of women with big dreams to make a difference in the world, in their city, in their community, at work. Women with huge potential, just beginning to explore what purpose might look like in this chapter of their life. I meet people deep in the trenches of transformation: teenagers and college kids building communities , empty nesters and young adults united in the fight against human trafficking and setting captives free. Moms and dads building healthy whole families. Preachers and worship leaders empowering the church. Business leaders and entrepreneurs with a vision for the workplace, but also for the renewal of ruined cities. Activists and advocates relentless in their pursuit of justice.

They’re all so different, and all amazing. Yet when we get talking there’s a common thread running through all our conversations. They all long for investment, for someone to walk alongside them. They all want to hear someone willing to share their own stories – lessons learned, hopes, joys – even fears and failures. They want someone to speak truth to the voice in their head that tells them they are too inadequate to dream big, too ambitious to have a healthy vision. More than that, they want to be equipped to confront those fears and keep. on. moving. It can be lonely pursuing your purpose. I’ve seen when isolation and loneliness crushes our courage and our dreams. We’re not designed to do life alone, even in this area of living into your purpose.

Leadership and influence is something I have embraced reluctantly over the years (with LOTS of mistakes and failures by the way!) but one thing that has fundamentally transformed my journey is that trusted people invested in me (and still do). Their encouragement has given me courage and confidence. They’ve talked with transparency and shared truths that helped me choose to work on my character, build my capacity. Their wisdom has skilled me, their stories helped me shape mine. I truly believe that every woman – everyone (!) should have that.

Jo and Steph

We can’t get to every fantastic conference out there, because, life. Still, my hope and prayer is that whoever we are, wherever we live in the world – that one way or another we all get the investment and encouragement we need to move forward and to dare to live out the dreams God has placed in our hearts Our podcast is our way of contributing to that process. So please let us know how we can play our part in investing in you, topics you’d like us to cover and we’ll see what we can do!

My prayer is simply this – that our weekly podcast invests in you and builds courage in you so you can keep running into all God calls you to. Because you’re amazing.

Much love, Jo x


The Details:

FollowSocialMediaINstaLead Stories  is a weekly podcast, sharing about 25 minutes of Biblical content and conversation. And laughter! Its just long enough for your morning commute or to inspire you for your ironing!  You can find Lead Stories on the following platforms:

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