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The Sisterhood.


This weekend some women from the 3DM Family spoke at Chosen, a conference hosted by Seacoast Church in Charleston, South Carolina.  On Thursday Night, about 1000 women gathered together, ready to meet with God and hang out with one another. The experience did not disappoint.

There were many wonderful things about Chosen.  I loved the natural and comfortable diversity both in the room, and on the main stage.  There were women of different backgrounds and ethnicities sharing from the Bible, sharing from their lives. I loved the collective sound of women’s voices as they worshipped together. Hearts were open and hungry for more of God, and chosen was a safe place for hearts to be made whole and dreams to be born. I also loved the reality check that A21 gave us about human trafficking globally, but here in the US, in our day, on our watch. In response, the sisterhood took a stand, rolled up their sleeves got on their knees and began to wash the world’s feet…  with love and healing.

There were a sprinkling of  great men in room. Members of the production team, the worship band… serving, supporting their sisters. There were also some campus pastors, senior leaders and the senior pastor attending every session,  celebrating all that God was doing,  cheering for all the dreams and visions that God was releasing, encouraging women to be restored and empowered at the foot of the cross.

Alongside the wonderful opportunity to teach and share at Seacoast, it was great to spend a little time with some of my 3dm sisters.  There were car journeys, silly fast food, fun, Starbucks and shopping. At the end of each evening there were conversations.  Just woman to woman. Life on life, truth, faith, hope into the early hours of the morning.

Soon its Sunday lunchtime. I’m back in Torrance, seated in a restaurant with 3 wonderful women from my huddle. These women are leaders; they are the Josephs, or Daniels of our time, living out their call and ministry in the workplace. They’re influencers like Esther, positioned for such a time as this. But even calling gets complicated and tiring. It takes sacrifice and tenacity, because within our calling there’s the rest of life, marriage, kids, finances all with their own demands. These were women used to being there for everyone else, at work and at home. Who would be there for them? We needed to hear each other’s hearts, speak into each other’s lives, help one another carve a path of God filled simplicity through our complex lives.

This weekend reminded me of the sheer power of a sisterhood.  Of relationships that can grow beyond comparisons and competition and surface conversation. The sisterhood are humble enough not just to support one another,  but need one another, learn and be led by one another. They strengthen each other in God, they are a conduit for His healing hands. They share His wisdom, speak his love, comfort and truth.  They make a woman strong.

You need a sisterhood in your life. Fight for them, invest in them, sacrifice for them, make time for them. Open your heart to receive them. Because when you feel weak, worried or weary, your sisters help you carry on.

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