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Profoundly Moved…

I was profoundly moved after spending a few days in Atlanta last week. I landed hearing  amazing testimonies about Passion 2012. I’d soon discover there were many treasures in that city:

A faithful Army who won’t stop fighting.

I was in Atlanta to lead some workshops at the Salvation Army  Reeffect Conference, where the Salvation Army leaders convened to grapple with issues of their day and receive training, and minister on the city streets when even the party people had gone to bed. The Salvation Army has a rich heritage of evangelism and justice marching side by side, of beleivers living as disciples – transforming wherever they were based. On Sunday it was so powerful to see so many uniformed Salvation Army officers walking through the streets of the city. There was no doubt who there were or who they represented. Their every word and action would now be connected with and attributed to the One they represented. May my life be clothed with words and actions that do the same.

Loving thy Neigborhood.

Some friends of mine have moved into a tough part of town, an area long forgotten by many and feared by many more. They’re gathering a missional community who are steadily moving into the neighborhood and loving it back to life in the name of Jesus. They’ve moved in with open hearts, savvy minds and a living call. They’re seeking gospel restoration, not mere gentrification. My friends know their dreams will take years to turn into saplings. They have a simple yet exquisitely beautiful home. The children from the house next door  play on my friend porch and want to read their books . There was something exquisitely beautiful about that too.

Influential Women

I spent hours over breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee and  car rides with female leaders. There was no archetype; they had different gifts, and skills and passions. It was life giving and inspiring talking with every single one of them. Listening to their ideas, admiring their strategic minds, working through stuff. Processing disappointment. Searching for mentors, seeking out other women to connect with, clinging to their visions and dreams. Seeing their humble determination to pursue God’s call upon their life. Moving.

Sweet Things on Skype.

My beautiful girls. And my love. That is all.

A Missional Movement in (Grace) Midtown

On Sunday night I got to hang out with the awesome crowd at Grace Midtown.  It was surreal because it reminded me so much of St. Thomas’ Church Sheffield back in the day. The Roxy, the early days at Philly… It wasn’t some nostalgic yearning for my twenties. There was something prophetic about them. It was like watching the early days of a missional movement. I can’t wait to see what they get up to in the years to come.

I left Atlanta early Monday morning before the dawn broke through. I felt tired and humbled, in awe of the goodness and greatness of God.

For greater things have yet to come, and greater things are still to be done in this city…





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