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Things I miss about England: The Food

So I was on this healthy eating plan wasn’t I? I had worked hard with only a few lapses – like when I had apple pie and ice cream for lunch. And it wasn’t Independence Day either. And then I went to England.
I knew there were certain things I missed about English food. Curries. The bread. Ribena. But what I’d not remembered were all the fabulous snacks. Hula Hoops, Prawn Cocktail Crisps, Hob Nobs, Cumberland Sausages (OK so they are not a snack, but I’m only in the country for 3 weeks), meals from the Gastro Pub and Homecooked Roast Dinners (see previous comment on Cumberland Sausages). Ooh and fish and chips and roast pork sarnies in Sheffy. And fruit pastilles.
This presented me with a problem. What was I going to do?
Reader,I succumbed and suffered the consequences!

And now I am back – and its time to start over again. Say goodbye to apple pie… and hello to the rice cake.

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